Where to play bingo games online

Bingo games have a reputation for being an excellent choice for casual players who seek the thrills of a fun game on the budget. It requires no previous experience, just a little bit of attention to the numbers called and a desire to have fun with fellow players. There are a few tricks to use to make the bingo game even more fun to play, and the best part is that they can be used on any type of bingo.

Below you can try some popular online bingo games in demo mode - no money is needed, so go ahead!

Bingo Games: See were to Play Online in April 2024

The whole world plays bingo games, and as a result – there are quite a few versions of the game. Developers from all over the place tend to test and create new and exciting versions that you will be able to enjoy for hours on end. From the free games to some of the best money games out there, we will help you find out more about the existing versions of the game. Settle back and let us guide you through.

Types of Bingo Games

By the time you may probably know that there are several variations of the online bingo game, and most are worth your while. We will help you get a better grasp of what's on offer out there today. Is there a single game that we would recommend over another these days? Not really, but there are a few distinctions between most of the available titles – chiefly to do with how many balls are used, and a few patterns, too. Most players have their favorite versions, but the truth is every main type of the game is quite fun!


Welcome to the world's most famous form of the game – the 90 Ball Bingo. So far as great game versions go, this title is definitely worth your attention. As the name suggests, you will get to play with all the numbers between 1 and 90.

Once you start, you can choose whether you want to daub your own numbers as the computer announces them or choose the auto-check option. Thanks to the popularity of this version, you will usually find a lot of promotions out there. 

To win at the 90-Ball version, you need to cover all the numbers on a single row on any of the tickets you have. You can also win by covering two lines of the ticket, or even all three lines for a full house bingo and a maximum win!


The 80-Ball Bingo comes with a 5x5 ticket or card. Once again the numbers will run from 1 to 80, which is why the game was called that in the first place. To win here, you will have to fulfill one of or all patterns that are inherent to the version of the game.

You can win by completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on your ticket. There is also another cool winning condition – the four corners. If you manage to cover the four corners of your card, you win. The last but not least is the full house which would yield the most real money should you successfully check every number in your ticket. One of the best games out there, 80-ball is definitely quite nerve-wrecking and therefore immensely fun to play!


Here comes another cool thing, the 75-ball bingo. Once again, each version has its own specific winning conditions and this is precisely what makes this title such a delightful game to enjoy! You might be gambling, but in 75 Ball Bingo you have a chance to win quite a bit should you complete a few conditions.

For starters, you need to achieve a double full lines, whether that is done down, diagonally or across. You can also strive to achieve the so-called “X” whereby you complete two diagonal lines that form an “X.” If you want big payment at the end of the day, you should go after Blockout, which is a win condition whereby you cover a whole card!


Every self-respected bingo room will feature the 30-Ball game. Prepare yourself for one of the best bingo games you will experience today! There are some specific patterns for this version of the game, but the gameplay usually boils down to a player being the first to cover his card and call a Full House to fulfill the winning condition.

Bingo games' winning patterns

The rules of the bingo game are straightforward - the winner is the one who has all the numbers called on the bingo card. Every bino game's winning rules can be customized, however. Participants can spice things up by changing the rules so that players win by creating unique bingo patterns. Depending on the pattern of choice, you might use just four numbers or significantly more, so the level of complexity also differs widely.

Among the standard patterns often used in enhanced bingo games, it is worth mentioning are: an aeroplane, baseball diamond, corner, chair and other combinations of letters. Bingo game hosts or callers can also employ complex patterns, such as an arrow, windmill, wineglass, or witches. There are countless options online, so whenever you run out of ideas, you can simply browse the Internet and try a new one.

How to make bingo games more fun

When you host a bingo game, you can tinker with the rules to make the game more enjoyable for all participants. These changes don't alter the game's core nature, yet they provide the much-needed variety to keep participants at the edge of their seats.

Spice things up with swap bingo – this does precisely what the name suggests, as participants are expected to swap their places mid-game. They simply trade places with a fellow player and continue the game with a new bingo slip which adds another layer of unpredictability.

Try different game variations - by creating new ways to win across the multiple rows of a bingo slip, you can make the game more fun to play. Use one of the popular or exotic patterns to go beyond the full house winning conditions of a 90 ball bingo and make each game special.

Organise a bingo auction - double the excitement by awarding a bonus to the most successful players at the end of the week or longer sessions. For this purpose, you can use tokens for players to bet on prizes or simply award them randomly in a fun raffle.

Free bingo games for Android

To play bingo, that is not necessarily to make money bets on bingo sites - your desire is quite enough. You can simply download bingo games from a vast assortment, offered on the Google Play store.

We have tried playing a few and can recommend the ones from the Absolute Games developer.

Absolute Games offers as few as 2 games - Absolute Bingo and Keno - but both have a rating of roughly 4.5, that is, the players really love them. You can check out some of the players' comments regarding bingo and keno games from this developer:

Some players wished to have more bonuses and be able to bet more in Keno, however.

Anyway, the Absolute Bingo game is a perfect free bingo game, available for beginners on Android, in our opinion, and here's why:

The player gets free bingo coins every 4 hours

The game offers fun bingo rooms and mini games

You can play up to 8 bingo cards

The Absolute Bingo is available offline and it can be paused and resumed later

A good thing for newbies is that the game's speed can be changed - you can play it faster or slower

Besides Absolute Bingo, you can download on your device other free bingo games with high users' scores, offered by developers on Google Play Market, these are:

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