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Bingo Online in Australia February 2023

Online bingo is a widespread type of amusement among Australian players. Bingo77australia.com provides frequently updated information about the best online bingo sites in Australia. We rank bingo sites according to our evaluation system, so you can choose TOP from the list and visit their online bingo rooms. Only learning and not willing to play for money? Follow bingo winning guidelines or try some of the most interesting bingo games online for free.

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Amigo Bingo

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Bingo Australia

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Sing Bingo


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About online bingo

Online bingo games used to be immensely popular in land-based bingo halls, and since online casinos came along, they can also be enjoyed over the Internet. For online bingo Australian fans the perks of playing on the web include bonuses, free games and the possibility of chatting with fellow players regardless of distance. Live chat rooms are open 24/7 and players can access them before, during and after the game to talk to their friends and make new contacts within the bingo community.

When playing online, one can sign up for individual bingo game sessions or participate in multi-player scheduled games. These resemble tournaments and even have a similar structure while bringing together a higher number of bingo enthusiasts. All the games are governed by the random number generator, which means that luck determines the outcome and participants have a fair chance at winning.

bingo online

One of the unique advantages of playing bingo online is that you could be eligible for welcome offers and other bonuses or bonus codes. Australian online bingo sites frequently greet new members with welcome packages. These consist of money awards or free bingo tickets for those who redeem free bonus codes offered to Aussie players.

Try these bingo games for free

  • 75Bingo



How to play bingo online - a complete guide

Players who have had no previous experience with bingo will have the same chances of winning because this game depends exclusively on luck. In this bingo guide, we explain the rules of the game, as well as how players create winning combinations in both traditional and online versions.

The 75 ball is arguably the most popular bingo game, and it can be found literally on all sites offering bingo. In the 75-ball game, every card is titled with the word BINGO, with every column corresponding to one letter. Since there are a total of 75 numbers, each of the letters will have 15 numbers assigned to it, starting with the B. This solution helps players find numbers declared by the caller easily.

bingo card

The game’s goal is to make a winning pattern announced before the beginning of the round. Players can purchase one bingo card or acquire several to boost the odds of winning since the numbers are randomly called, and chance determines the outcome. In classic bingo, participants are expected to mark the numbers themselves, which is beneficial to those who have attention and concentration issues.

Any bingo guide will highlight the fact that the winner is the player who fills out the predetermined winning pattern first. When playing bingo, time is always of the essence, so it’s important to be the first to claim the money reward. The rules are the same when gambling real or virtual currency, an advantage that online bingo has over the game’s brick-and-mortar varieties.

Depending on the bingo game, the winning patterns can differ greatly from basic ones to complex combinations. 75-ball bingo is among the most popular games, and not surprisingly, it has more winning ways than other versions of the game. Back in the day, players were tasked with completing the single line or horizontally or diagonally, but today there are hundreds of different patterns available.

Online players have the option of depositing if they fancy real money games. This will usually trigger a matched deposit bonus or another type of introductory offer that bingo rooms and online casinos frequently award. The alternative is to gamble the play money offered by the operator and which is replenished whenever players run out, so the fun can go on and on indefinitely.

Bingo tournaments are a rarity, but they can still be found online, for punters who seek the thrills of competition of greater magnitude. For regular games, they have the option of acquiring multiple bingo cards to boost the odds of winning accordingly. Certain rooms provide their punters with the chance of claiming a bingo jackpot, as well as useful tips on how to increase the odds of winning such a prize.

Basic rules when playing online bingo

Online bingo is a simple game to play, and it has only a few rules. In traditional games, a caller indicates the numbers that players need to add on the bingo card.

When playing online, the system will mark the numbers for you, so you don’t risk missing out on anything. This gives players more time to interact with their peers using the live chat feature or to play several games simultaneously.

Below you can check out some winning patterns in 75-ball bingo. These are applicable both when playing bingo online and in traditional offline bingo establishments.

75 ball bingo winning patterns

Matching 4x4 blocks of numbers on a card. The matching numbers can address either central cells or be located elsewhere on a bingo card.

75 ball bingo winning patterns

Triple bingo winning pattern provides for matching numbers in 3 lines in a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal direction.

Other 75 ball bingo winning combinations include, but are not limited to: A block of 9 – when a block of 9 numbers is matched on a card. Center row – when a crossing-center line of numbers is matched. Crazy L – when a combination of matched numbers forms an L letter.

Online bingo winning strategies

Players have been trying to beat the odds ever since bingo was created and some even came up with original strategies. Australian players can take into account the following bingo strategies to improve their online bingo experience.

Tippett theory

Since this is a pure game of chance, most of these tactics don’t make a lot of sense, yet the Tippett’s winning theory stands out from the crowd. The one who created the system based its concept on the perfect average theory, which has the number 38 at its cornerstone.

His idea was to focus on numbers that are as close as possible to 38, claiming that the average of the numbers called will revolve around this median value. The Tippett’s Bingo Theory works better for bingo games that take longer to declare a winner because, during these games, more numbers are called. Not surprisingly, those who have embraced games that feature complex bingo patterns are bigger fans of the system.

Multiple bingo cards

In addition to Tippett’s strategy, an easy yet really effective way of increasing odds of winning is to acquire multiple bingo cards. The math behind this is rock-solid, as the more numbers you have on your cards, the higher the odds of creating a winning combination. Bingo’s beauty consists of the fact that it is a game of chance, easy to learn, and gives everyone the same chances to win.

  • How is bingo played?

    Bingo is played with numbered balls and 5x5 cards. A software in the rooms will announce numbers which will then be automatically marked on your cards. The first player who has successfully reached a pre-determined pattern is considered a winner.

  • What's the best Bingo app?

    The best Bingo apps allow you to play remotely on Android and iOS devices. You can carry out payments, charge your account and withdraw your money without any complications. Plus, the app should also give you access to the full variety of game options offered by the website.

  • What kind of bingo games are there?

    There is a number of cool bingo games to experience yourself, including 30, 75, 80, and 90-ball versions, but they are not the only ones. As you go around and visit different websites, the versions of the game you can experience will increase.

  • What is the best online bingo?

    Generally speaking, the best online bingo you can play is usually the one that allows you access to the most rewarding titles and bonuses. While some brands are advertised as better than others, it's ultimately your experience that will help you identify the best card rooms out there.

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Bingo history - in brief

Bingo has its roots in the 16th century. It dates back to Italy, where a kind of lottery game “Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia” was played during carnivals. The game’s popularity was gaining momentum in particular, in France and Germany, where it was known as Lotto. By the time of the 1890s, a boxed lottery game became available for purchase all over Europe.

The invention of the bingo game shall probably be dated 1920 when Mr. Hugh J. Ward from the United States has published bingo rules in his book. The book suggested using beans to play the game, so the game became popular under the Beano and later - Bingo name. Thanks to another American, Mr. Edwin Lowe, by the end of the 1940s bingo game was mass-produced and sold, eventually taking on the form we know today.

Today we know bingo as a game of chance. The process is overall simple: a player receives a card with printed numbers on it. He or she then matches numbers printed on the card with the winning numbers, that are called out during the game by the game’s host. If a winning combination is achieved, the player shouts “BINGO”.

Beano game

For many, the game of bingo is associated with colored balls on which numbers are drawn. Previously, the method of determining the winning combination of numbers was determined using a lottery machine - the game moderator spun it several times, then opened the hole from which balls with numbers fell, and shouted these numbers to the participants in the game.

Bingo lottery machine

Bingo has firmly rooted its position among other games and has won many fans not only in Australia but all over the world. Today there are about 100 million online bingo players worldwide, with women between 30 and 50 being the majority of the target audience.